Due to the recent popularity of Leopard Geckos, The Leopard Gecko Manual is a must have for all readers who either have or are considering purchasing a leopard gecko. The Leopard Geckos has become popular simply because they are one of the hardiest of all lizard species, easy to keep, easy to breed and potentially long-lived. They are also convenient in size, neither too small to be appreciated and handled, nor so large that it presents risks or requires enclosures not readily integrated into the average household. The leopard gecko is also undeniably beautiful, from the near velvet texture of the skin to the gold eyes and pastel shades of color. Simply said, the leopard gecko is one of finest pets you could own.

This book features information that is invaluable for all levels of leopard gecko hobbyists from the beginner to the advanced breeder looking for the most current, accurate and reliable information. It contains detailed information and acute observations by such authorities as the award winning author Philippe de Vosjoli, Brian E. Viets, Ph.D. on the effects of incubation temperature on hatchling sex and pigmentation, Ron Tremper on Color and pattern variations, and Roger Klingenberg, DVM on the recognition and treatment of disease in leopard geckos.

The Leopard Gecko Manual is an absolute must for all leopard gecko owners and breeders.